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my360plus is the latest in 360 leadership and team profiling, feedback and development. Our proven online approach appeals to every leader and enables organisations to develop many more people at much lower cost.

my360plus Profile Builder provides easy to understand 360 degree profiles and tailored leadership development based on your 360 leadership profile. But it does not stop there. The acclaimed ‘Social Feedback’ feature ensures continuous development by creating learning networks whereby colleagues are coached to coach each other.

“I’m really excited that something so simple will have such a large impact on our leadership population”

Head of Talent and Transformation, Veolia UK

In addition, we build powerful leadership teams with my360plus Team Builder and turbo charged talent management with my360plus Talent Builder.

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What makes my360plus special?
Key features
Plain, meaningful language

Focus people on what matters by using plain language and eliminating jargon and meaningless numbers. A ‘stand alone’ 360 degree feedback tool that everyone can understand.

Quick start & easy admin

Save time and money with the first fully automated on-line leadership development tool making development virtually admin free.  Our Portal provides a real time view of activity.

‘NEW’ Feedback timeline

Provide continuous learning through ‘Social Feedback’ by creating  learning networks between colleagues and a timeline to post feedback.

Powerful Team Views

Improve teams, departmental and business performance by viewing team profiles for development, business analysis and talent management.

Training & accreditation

Equip your teams and suppliers with all they need to know. All the my360plus products provide full support to HR professionals.

Proven approach adapted to you

Be secure in the knowledge that the approach is underpinned by the most robust science in this field.  The leadership behaviours can be tailored to suit your culture.

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“I have already seen major changes in how people are behaving at management meetings and it’s making a big difference.”

- Global HRD -

“The team profiles are especially useful. We are using them to plan our development activity this year.”

- L&D Manager -

“Everyone has understood their report first time and we have noticed people taking more ownership and responsibility because they can easily navigate their information!”

- HR Director –

“One of the things about this tool is that it also highlights what people are really good at, the things that energise them, that motivate them. Helping people to build on that is going to bring huge returns of investment to the individual, their engagement, but also for the organisation”

- Alina Sandell, Head of Talent and Transformation -
360 degree feedback and coaching, team and talent development

my360plus innovative online products

my360plus Profile Builder
360 degree feedback with online coaching

Support and develop your leaders and managers the simple, effective way using our unique 360 degree feedback approach.

360 leader profiles are both user friendly and practical: that means plain language, no numbers.

Development suggestions ideas are tailored to the needs of your leaders based on feedback from colleagues.

Plus, a unique feature of ours: every one of your people will have their own online development ‘dashboard’ to manage their personal development.

Colleagues can then post feedback on a development ‘timeline’, with automated emails to remind and educate your whole network.

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my360plus Team Builder
360 team development

In addition to all the extensive features of my360plus Profile Builder, my360plus Team Builder enables:

Your teams, departments or whole organisation, to identify strengths and areas of focus for team development.

Insightful analysis to target development areas for your group, which can then be translated into practical approaches for team improvement.

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my360plus Talent Builder
Smart talent management

Now we can take you even further than my360plus Profile and Team – let us present 360plus Talent: our latest innovation in talent management and organisational development.
Our research-based methodology can now measure your talent pool against a benchmark in real time.

Individuals in your team select their development goals, which can be viewed neatly via our Portal feature.

The result: an organisational view of development activity that supports your talent management strategy.

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my360plus Talent Builder
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Resources, videos and downloads
PDF Report 300x200
Materials and Downloads

Free downloads and materials including background research, set-up information and  support materials for HR professionals and coaches.

Video Guides

We publish a range of video guides to help people get the very best out of their my360plus experience.  Links to these guides are always included in email notifications that we send out.

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