Why my360plus team development data is so much better than the rest

We have all seen team reports created from 360 data – you know the ones – they say your team scores 2.8 on a 5 point scale when it come to a particular behaviour. If you are lucky there will be some norm data so you can see how you team ‘compares’.

The problem is that these reports start off by averaging a bunch of statements around an individual team members behaviour. They then take a further average of all these averages to come up with the ‘team average score’. Unfortunately this averaging averages means that much of the information is lost.

We think this is a little bit like averaging all the notes in Beethoven’s 5th Symphony – and coming out with a single daaaaaaaah!! – ie pretty much meaningless.

my360plus team reports are very different. They allow you to clearly ‘see’ the strengths and development areas of the team, and importantly how theses strengths and undeveloped areas are made up and distributed across the team.

This is because our individual profiles are created by looking at the consistency of observations of different levels of particular behaviour to create an individual’s rating. These ratings are then placed in a team profile such that the individual profile are laid side by side where we then use ‘gravity’ to pull the least developed area left and the most developed areas right.

The result? 360 team development, with clear team profiles where you can ‘see’ what’s going on and that retain the richness of the team or groups strengths. And these views work equally as well with a team of 6 or a company of 6000.

With these charts, teams can see why they are interacting the way they are, why they are getting the results they are and more importantly why they are not getting the results they want! They can then plan what interventions they might want to consider, or perhaps the strengths profile of people they should look for when they next recruit.


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Why my360plus team development data is so much better than the rest ( 17 Sep,2012 )
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