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A Partner’s view – our 360 leadership development product

We asked Bob Hughes, Chairman, The Forton Group, about his experiences of working with our 360 leadership development product.

How has the support you”ve had during your time working with my360plus been?

Bob HughesBob: The support is one of the many strong points about our relationship. You’ve been very quick to respond at all sorts of hours of the day and night and weekend. When things have gone wrong you’ve been very quick to move to fix them. I’ve felt very well supported.

What separates my360plus from their competitors in terms of the product?

Bob: “Two main things: The first is the research behind the tool. That doesn’t necessarily make it unique as there is lots of research behind many tools out there, however, that narrows the field down to a handful of organisations I want to work with.

The second thing for me is the design quality of the product. By that I mean two things: the first is the quality of the questions that are asked to get to the competencies in a way that means that people not familiar with the competencies will still give more accurate answers because the questions have been crafted so well.

The second aspect in terms of design is the look and feel of the product, the online version of it, the ability to see things online and work with it online. Also the on-going support people get and the ability to have their goals monitored and championed by their reviewers is a real USP.”

How do you think this product applies to smaller one-on-one situations in comparison to the larger role out situations?

Bob: “Either work well. We work with these people one on one after we’ve done the group exercises but it enables the organisation to be able to look at trends across an organisation and therefore make the right interventions to develop the right competencies that a) the organisation needs and b) it doesn’t have a lot of.

From an organisational point of view it’s very useful and from an individual level it gives them the opportunity to develop themselves and gives the coach some real ammunition to work with when they start the coaching sessions.”

Do you think someone could use my360plus as a standalone product without a consultant?

Bob: “I don’t see why not. We all get a bit precious about our skills sometimes and I think we’re working with leaders that are intelligent. If it gives them some insight themselves that’s fine. I know that they’ll get even more benefit from it if they combined it with coaching but I know we’d be arrogant to say we’re the only people who have the answers.

What that will do is open their minds to the value of feedback and that will open their minds to the value of coaching.”

What value does the 360 feedback product add to the consultant?

Bob: “It gives added focus. I’ve been happy to coach people with/without an 360 degree assessment tool. What it does give you is a good and useful starting point for conversations.”

Is this part of your current offer?

Bob: “Yes. Many organisations understand the value of 360 degree assessments and they like the tangible nature of it.  It genuinely does add value to the whole process of development centres and development opportunities because of that focus and because of the background research on where leadership can improve.”

What could be changed about the process of taking a my360plus survey?

Bob: “We’ve had no complaints whatsoever!”

forton logoThe Forton Group are a my360plus Partner.  They have worked with us with a number of their clients including a deployment to over 30 countries on 4 continents.

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