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Are you too busy to learn? 

too busy


I have just read about how Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, showed off his newly acquired mastery of Mandarin during a 30-minute Q&A at Tsinghua University in Beijing.  It seems incredible that someone as busy as he must surely be has found the time to dedicate himself to this feat of learning.   


Learn ‘on-the-job’ 

Talking to our clients regarding leadership development we are prepared for the “we’re too busy to do this” reaction.  We have seen that there is increasing emphasis on providing easily accessible skill development, which can be effectively woven into the day-to-day jobs of busy employees.  Time out of the office for training is a seen as a ‘luxury’ few can afford.  The emphasis is now shifting to identifying development needs in smaller bite-size chunks and then focussing on opportunities to implement learning actions within the normal day’s workload.  Any time. Any place. Any where.

Test your new skills

Consciously testing the use of a new behaviour in ‘real’ situations will also give an immediate sense of the impact.  If colleagues are also aware of the development focus they can also give real-time feedback as to whether the behaviour was applied appropriately. If the outcome is positive that behaviour is more likely to be reinforced and retained.

For example: if you want to develop your use of ‘empathy’: in meetings practise asking open questions, encourage discussion and increase participation from everyone.  Clarify your understanding and encourage others to do the same. The impact of this will be evident immediately and practice will also increase the positive gains.


The principles of social media mean that the modern workforce is acclimatising to more open feedback and more direct interaction.  The development provided by my360plus is based entirely on these principles.  Suggestions for development are clear and targeted and colleagues are guided in how they can support. There is also a professional advisor available to consult if required if a particular concept is not fully understood.

So….are you too busy to learn?

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