my360plus: the unique 360 degree profiling and feedback tool

My360plus is the online 360 feedback tool that identifies your peoples’ leadership qualities, creates development goals, engages a peer-coaching network and measures progress.

More than a one-off assessment, my360plus delivers a year-long, affordable, development programme with clear guidance, for leaders and managers at every level.

As a result of using my360plus, you’ll develop transformational leaders, build teams and manage your talent using 360 degree profiling, feedback and development.

Based on a proven leadership model, my360plus is the 360 profiling tool for better talent management, transformational leadership, constructive feedback and ongoing development. It’s so easy to administer, with friendly support and training options, it can demonstrate your ROI too!

Simple. Effective. Proven. Affordable.

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Easy and meaningful feedback for leaders and managers...
Plain, meaningful language

Focus people on what matters by using plain language and eliminating jargon and meaningless numbers. A ‘stand alone’ 360 degree feedback tool that everyone can understand.

Quick start & easy admin

Save time and money with the first fully automated on-line leadership development tool making development virtually admin free. Our Portal provides a real time view of activity.

Feedback timeline

Provide continuous learning through ‘Social Feedback’ by creating learning networks between colleagues and a timeline to post feedback.