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my360plus self-assessment

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High-performance leader profiling

A comprehensive multi-rater 360 diagnostic tool to support leadership development, Forton Coaching developed My360plus to serve as an off-the shelf set of behavioural competences, linked to higher leadership and team performance. Based on the Schroder high-performance behaviours, it is also a year-long developmental tool with ongoing feedback and tips and tools for improvements.

My360plus offers self-assessment, 180 and 360 options, as well as a tailored team report.

Meaningful development for people and teams

my360plus for outstanding leadership development; for leaders, teams, developing talent and growing your own career. More than an assessment, my360plus delivers a clear, easy-to-read, report, plus coaching tips and ongoing colleague feedback options in multiple languages. In addition to the my360plus classic online feedback tool, we offer individual self-assessment, team development and tailored services.

What is my360plus?

An automated, high performance feedback tool, for outstanding leadership development. It includes a questionnaire, report and development programme too.



The online questionnaire is suitable for individual self-assessment, 360 degree feedback, as well as team building.

The standard version has 48 questions, and for detailed insights there's also a 96 question version.

The questions focus on 'high-performance' behaviours, that is, those factors which make for successful teams.

Your my360plus options

  1. Unlock potential at every level: my360plus Classic
  2. Grow your career and guide your development: my360plus self-assessment
  3. Team360plus: support teams perform at their best
  4. Tailored Services: high-performance leadership development
  5. Coaching: one to one, group and team coaching

Simple. Effective. Proven. Affordable.


The report gives a strengths profile in a visual format alongside clear explanations and development ideas.

It also has online coaching tips, which means people take control of their own development too.

Online Programme

Next, the my360plus report helps set those development priorities and shows you how. In addition, the online system provides automatic support.

As a result, colleagues are connected so that they can grow together. Or participants can work with a coach to speed up their success.

  • Set up development goals
  • Invite colleagues to keep giving feedback
  • Change goals as you succeed

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A unique online 360 feedback tool

Online 360 feedback tools for better leadership development. Which means you can –

  • Identify peoples’ leadership strengths
  • Address their gaps
  • Create development goals
  • Engage a peer-support network
  • Measure progress

As a result, you’ll grow high performance and get better results.

More than a one-off assessment, my360plus is also a year-long, affordable, development programme, which offers clear guidance for leaders and managers at every level too.

Speed up your high-performer development

Most importantly, clear reports mean that leaders and managers improve and deliver high-performance leadership quickly. They discover their strengths and know the gaps they need to work on. As an example, pick a behaviour – like ‘presentation’ – that is easy to define, observe and develop. Similarly, there are 11 other high-performance behaviours in 4 themes, all of which are easy to develop with my360plus.

The results you can expect from my360plus

As a result of using the my360plus online 360 feedback tool, you’ll develop outstanding leaders, build better teams and manage your talent. Based on a proven leadership model, it means you can truly develop transformational leadership, as well as give practical feedback and development tips.

Demonstrate your ROI

Easy to administer, affordable, with support and training options. Which means my360plus can demonstrate your ROI too. Monitor progress and take advantage of our half-price retake offer. This means you can measure ‘before’ and ‘after’ and assess the impact of your development programmes too.


Plain language reports

Our reports use plain language. No jargon or meaningless numbers. Instead, it’s feedback that everyone understands.

Plain language reports: find out more


Worry-free Admin

Admin Portal: find out more

Save time and money with the unique on-line 360 development tool. Our Portal provides a real time activity view too.


Feedback timeline

Learn from social feedback. Create learning networks between colleagues. There’s a timeline to post feedback too.


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