360plus feedback
New generation my360plus fundamentally changes feedback

Based on a proven leadership model, my360plus solves the difficulties of standalone reports, and introduces unique ‘new generation’ features with continuous learning and social feedback.

It’s so easy to use it almost runs itself. We supply a dashboard for larger projects so that you can track progress on survey completion, feedback, development goals and coaching.

With over 20,000 users on the system from leading brands like Virgin, OCS, ITV, Easyjet and Whitbread, now’s the time to upgrade to the new my360plus.

my360plus is more than just feedback
  • It’s a learning and development tool which improves the capabilities of individual leaders.
  • It’s a talent discovery tool that uncovers the strengths that already exist in your teams.
  • It’s a business tool to build a culture of learning and continuous improvement.
Enrich the feedback experience

Feedback that gets turned into results

  • The my360plus system gathers behaviour-based evidence
  • The easy-read report gives clear summaries, benchmarks, detail and comments
  • Coaching: give extra support from line managers, or use our team of qualified my360plus coaches
  • Participants set in-system development goals and receive ongoing social feedback throughout the year
  • Retaking the my360plus demonstrates progress and ROI
The my360plus process: seriously simple steps

The survey: it’s so easy…

  • Confirm user numbers
    Low cost prices with volume discounts
  • Get started
    It’s simple: names, email and GDPR agreement
  • Nominate observers
    Video guides make it easy
  • Keep track
    Large programme? Check progress through your own dashboard

Year-round development and social feedback is included in my360plus …

  • Feedback and coaching tips
    Easy to understand online reports
  • Development activities
    Set your own goals
  • Social feedback
    Support from your network maximises the benefits
  • Optional training
    Face-to-face or online
my360plus: the engaging and effective approach for talent development

360 feedback delivers results through people: it improves the quality of feedback; it shifts conversations from opinion to observation; it develops organisational culture and leadership behaviours.

New generation 360 feedback creates positive, developmental, experiences: leaders and managers can focus on building their strengths.

Together, the continuous learning, practical coaching tips, social feedback, development dashboard and easy to understand language mean that leaders and managers welcome my360plus as a positive personal and professional development opportunity.

Q. How does my360plus work?
A. It puts participants in control of their own development

my360plus feedback and development works in a number of simple steps supported by latest technology and research.

Watch this short video to find out just how easy it is…