my36plus: our story

  • my360plus: a unique, interactive solution for leadership development and high performance. A year-long subscription that combines easy-to-read interactive reports with personal development plans, boosted by friendly feedback from peoples’ networks.
  • Used by organisations small and large, my360plus leads the way towards personal and professional growth, team success and organisational prosperity.

With over 20 years’ experience of developing leaders and managers, the my360plus team built an effective and affordable way to combine traditional feedback systems, online tools and personalised learning.

With COVID hitting everyone hard, being able to motivate and inspire people to recover quickly and confidently, is essential. Boosting peoples’ morale by overcoming obstacles and getting teams back into a growth mindset will lead to faster, more sustainable, growth.

The solution? Harness the power of friendly feedback with specific, evidence-based my360plus high-performance approach, that really make a difference in today’s uncertain world, improves job prospects and career opportunities.

About my360plus

Our proven, easy approach to 360 degree feedback helps your people have great conversations about their development and performance.
  • For leaders and managers: my360plus delivers the information on which to build development
  • For HR & talent management: my360plus provides individual, group and team insights into high performance strengths and gaps
  • For L&D professionals: my360plus easily integrates with blended learning programmes
  • For Coaches: my360plus gives the feedback data; you support personal learning and growth

Our experience

my360plus works in partnership with our clients. Below are a couple of examples and you can read more on our clients page. Our new and innovative approach to development is tailored to their needs.

Meaningful development for people and teams

In addition to the my360plus online feedback tool, we offer team development and tailored services:

my360plus: unleashing potential at every level

Team360plus: helping teams perform at their best

Tailored Services: supporting high-performance leadership development

Simple. Effective. Proven. Affordable.

Virgin Trains are engaging their employees around their brand and values; they used my360plus to help build a truly developmental culture.

OCS, with over 85,000 employees worldwide, developed their senior leadership group globally. OCS used my360plus for both individual development and team development with their regional operating Boards.

Shanks, a leading environmental services group, worked with my360plus to create a culture of feedback and development beginning with the senior team.

Our client approach

We like to keep things simple, make life easy and act in true partnership with clients. This is achieved through our technology and our client support. We support the HR function to deliver fantastic value to the people and businesses they serve. Helping them make the most of finite resources. Here is what our clients have recently been saying:

“my360plus is proving a powerful tool for individual development. It is contributing to the wider talent management process and is encouraging all our leaders to be open and communicative with one another.” Head of Human Resources, Shanks UK

“Working with my360plus has been amazing. Their support and insight has really helped our values come alive through the approach they have taken. my360plus make life easy. Easy to work with, easy language and easy to use tool.” Head of Brand and Talent, Virgin Trains

“The my360plus tool has so many applications in the workplace. The first is obviously personal insight but it is really just the first step. From there you can look at team dynamics, your can looking supporting career development and we have plans to use the tool for talent management and to give us insight into peoples’ potential.”


logo image: the forton groupmy360plus: driven by the Forton Group

As well as assessment tool expertise, the Forton Group is a UK-based international company with expert partners around the world. As well as working with customers and partners, we deliver specialist leadership development blended learning programmes, managed coaching services and coach-training accredited by the Chartered Management Institute and the International Coach Federation.

Leadership developmentdecorative image about the forton group

  • HR & OD consultancy
  • Leadership development research
  • Blended learning programmes
  • Assessment and Development Centres

Coaching Services

  • Create and communicate coaching programmes
  • Recruit, manage and supervise experienced coaches
  • Evaluate and identify ROI of coaching

Accredited Coaching Training

In-person and virtual programmes

  • Create and support the coaching culture
  • Professional leadership coach training (for new and existing coaches)
  • Manager as Coach training
  • Internal Coach training
  • 1-1 and Team-coach training
  • Coach-mentor and Supervision services


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