My360plus helps you develop your skills and realise your potential. Benchmarking your profile against a wider sample population of people with similar skill helps you focus on where to work.

Your my360plus report gives you an easy to read profile alongside people with a similar level of experience. You simply compare the number of strengths, developing strengths etc., in your profile, with the relevant profile in the table.

Context is everything, of course!

Each role requires a different combination of leadership behaviours. Overall, having a similar level and number of consistent, high performance behaviours, is critical to success at that level and to development beyond.

Why is benchmarking important?

It is important that you can position your profile against your level of experience. Research shows that, as we gain experience and are exposed to more complexity and change, we tend to develop more high performance behaviours.

  • You’ll understand your priority development needs better
  • You’re more likely to develop behavioural strengths
  • You’ll know which behaviours are holding you back


Read our role definitions below

I am mainly measured for my individual contribution. I am not responsible for a team on a day-to-day basis.

As well as my individual contribution I have responsibility for a team or group of other individuals. This may be a line or project responsibility

I am responsible for a team of people who themselves have a team or teams to manage.

I have a number of functions reporting to me and have full responsibility for their integration and performance.

I am responsible for an entire business and have a Board. I manage all stakeholders internally and externally (including shareholders).

I am responsible for an entire business that has major business divisions (each with their own Boards) in several parts of the globe.


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