360 degree feedback tools – get the best from your investment

Delivering the my360plus feedback and report

getting the best from the my360plus investment

You’ve invested in your 360 degree feedback tool; set up the process and briefed the participants on how it all works. Your HR team stand ready to coach your leaders and managers on their reports. So what could possibly go wrong? Let’s be blunt. With any 360, it’s rubbish in, rubbish out. So it’s important to get the best from your observers and coaches, not just the participants themselves.

Most 360 feedback tools ask for raters’ opinions

And this is how my360plus is uniquely different: it’s not opinions, it’s observation. Our questions don’t throw out words for raters to mark scores against. They ask about what they’ve seen and heard, so the feedback is based on real-life evidence, not tick-box numbers.

  • My360plus asks questions about observed behaviours
  • Which means you get evidence and insights, not opinions or scores

Evidence: the holy grail of a 360 degree feedback tool

High quality insights from observers means participants get better feedback, set clearer development goals, so you recoup your investment sooner. Which relies on how you prepare people. At my360plus we provide resources for people running programmes: not just the easy-peasy dashboard, branded sites and tailored headings, but articles and presentations on high performance behaviours, giving feedback online, and how to use the report. We send video links to participants, observers and coaches so that –

  • The colleague network is carefully chosen
  • Observers give better feedback
  • Participants and coaches can navigate the report as development partners

Start their development journey with your 360 degree feedback tool

We’ve made it possible to give ongoing feedback too, so watch this overview video to find out more. And see how the my360plus isn’t just a way to assess your talent potential, it’s also a great way to start participants’ development journeys too. A good 360 degree feedback tool focuses on the people going through the development process, the observers and the coaches who deliver feedback. It’s the bedrock of your talent management programme; it builds your leadership capabilities from the outset. To find out more, simply get in touch. My360plus: easy, innovative, proven, affordable.