I can’t be the only person who hated those ‘high-performance’ training programmes from the ’80s and ’90s, can I? (And yes, I am that old…)

If you don’t know what I mean, you’re probably a bright young thing. But, back in the day, trainers, with mean looks in their faces, would practice their psychological torture on you, in the name of ‘leadership’ or ‘high-performance’, leaving you a weeping heap on the floor.

You came out – either married to their cult – or disengaged and rebellious to your core. Guess which one was me…

I know that I learn best when I’m relaxed; whether that’s taking the bike out; pottering in the garden; or with my feet up with friends. I knew I needed to find ways to recreate those environments to support my development.

I discovered the my360plus service – a combination of 360 degree questionnaire, profile report and leadership development programme – about 10 years ago.

Feedback was clear

  • My strengths were celebrated
  • Development options are straightforward
  • I could see how I compare with others at my level

I like the fact that there’s peer-researched evidence behind it, and the tool has an inbuilt way of measuring ROI – in development terms, not just monetary ones.

Oh. And most importantly? The coaches didn’t patronise or belittle me when they gave me their input. Yes, I got some frank feedback from my network (thank you people); but I also got that invaluable feeling of confidence: I was doing something right. Some things I do consistently well, and others I do to a strategic level of strength.

“I got that invaluable feeling of confidence: I was doing something right.”

It’s one thing to get excited because a leadership development service has a positive benefit to you personally. It’s another thing to start working with coaching clients, individually and with teams, using the my360plus tool to help them develop.

It’s yet another level when you take the decision to buy the company. Yet, when the chance came along, it was an easy decision.

Yes, it was a serious investment – in time, money and effort – and at the same time, we knew our clients would love it.

Here’s the kicker. Whoever, and wherever we are, the way to develop leadership behaviours is by making it easy:

  • Simple processes
  • Clear behavioural goals
  • Help people learn wherever they are
  • Keep the feedback loop open for further development

One thing we’ve introduced is a monthly my360plus group discovery call via the Zoom platform. If you want to join us, simply get in touch. You’ll have a chance to play with the profiling tool yourself, and get a sample report, so you can see for yourself how straightforward everything is.