Test drive my360plus for better leadershipMojave desert freeway: test drive my360plus today

Test drive my360plus with an experienced team member today. We tried out an electric car recently. Smooth drive, nice acceleration, comfortable ride. You wouldn’t invest in a car without taking it out for a spin at least once. Why invest in leadership development without kicking a few tyres?

  • Test drive the my360plus system
  • See the potential for individual and team development
  • Explore the interactive report at leisure

You’ll see how my360plus creates lasting manager and leader development. With its unique year-long subscription and development tools, this is more than a one-off assessment.Let’s explore how my360plus supports your leadership development programme.

my360plus combines three key development tools. Social feedback. Visibility. Evidence

Test drive my360plus to explore how it supports talent development, high performance and better leadership. Understand its 3 key tools. Lasting development starts with knowing we need to change. From knowing what ‘better leadership’ looks and feels like, through three key factors:

1. Test drive our social feedback tool

Feedback in my360plus comes from ‘observers’, not ‘raters’. There’s a big difference: Observers comment on what they see, and how often. Raters offer opinions.
Let’s imagine the question asks the rater: “How good is Jo at influencing?” This introduces two types of rater bias:

  • What ‘how good’ means
  • What ‘influencing’ means

Now imagine the observer is asked: “How often do you see Jo creating win-win situations?” and “How often do you see Jo undermining other peoples’ ideas in order to promote their own?” Real-life examples are easy to remember. They’re more reliable than questions that assume knowledge and increase bias. Social feedback – unique to my360plus – is built-in. Even better, my360plus invites observers to stay in touch: to offer further feedback on participants’ chosen development. This adds year-round value – and you can measure progress too.

2. Test drive for high-performance visibility

We can’t know what people are thinking, or their intentions.

  • We can listen to what they say
  • We can identify what the task, role or job needs
  • We can see what high-performance looks loke

As a result, gaps between what leaders and managers say and do is clear. It’s develop-able. It’s coach-able.Which is why my360plus is based on observable behaviours.

It’s why my360plus is used for students attending the world’s top leadership and management programmes, like Henley Business School and INSEAD. Why it’s used to develop its leaders and directors, to grow performance and leadership – for individuals and teams.

Here’s what one HR Director, says:
“From its clearly articulated underpinning leadership model, to its ease of use (with built-in video guidance), to its promotion of on-going feedback, I believe that my360plus is a market leader.”

3. Test drive the my360plus evidence

The Schroder* model, developed at the Universities of Princeton and London, which anticipated the VUCA world in which we’re now living, is well-researched. Schroder’s work underpins many leadership and high-performance competency models used globally.

Our interactive, online reports are clear, easy to understand and packed with coaching tips. Which means whether you’re developing emerging talent or seasoned leaders, they can take responsibility for their development, improve their relationships and grow their high-performance leadership skills.

You can then choose to support people at three levels: through the my360plus year-long development programme, with internal coaching support or qualified my360plus coaches.

This means that, whether you have an existing competency model, or are looking to develop your leadership framework, chances are, my360plus will be compatible. But don’t leave anything to chance. Test drive my360plus today.

*See, for example: Managerial Competence: The Key to Excellence, Harold M. Schroder, Kendal Hunt, 1989.