High performance matters. We need to develop leaders and managers to deliver more effectively, more engagingly. They need to know how and where to improve performance too. Performance alone isn’t enough in today’s my360plus logo and text about developing high-performance managersworld.

We need to unlock our managers’ potential to inspire, engage and motivate their teams. Because it matters that everyone feels part of that success.

Assessments are a great starting place. Especially when they support us to move forward on our development journey.

Real world benefits

What matters is what works. This is especially true In today’s volatile and ever-changing world of work. This means that the ability to reflect on what works, engage, and inspire our teams and strive to deliver and improve all really matter.

my360plus is based on the Schroder, high-performance management model. Developed at Princeton and London universities, this approach is now embedded in many competency models around the world.

A clear development path

my360plus provides a clear framework for improvement.

The my360plus tool offers a unique, practical pathway to development. my360plus includes development goals, guidance and coaching. And your managers can receive ongoing feedback from colleagues. The Forton Group bought the my360plus product because it delivers. Managers typically make lasting changes within the first month of the year-long subscription.

More than a 360-degree feedback report.

  • Our affordable, inclusive prices mean that there are no extra set up fees for our classic 360 or self-assessment reports.
  • This includes a dashboard for more complex projects, or where you want hands-on project management.
  • Premium options include branding with your logo, leadership competencies, as well as tailored team reports.

Find out more

When you’re ready to find out more, we offer the following no-commitment discovery options:

  • my360plus demonstration
  • Sample reports
  • A trial site for you to explore

If you’re planning to include a 360 or high-performance self-assessment in your 2022 development programmes, get in touch now to find out more.

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