Let’s have better 360 discussions

I’m on a mission to have better 360 discussions.  It’s top of my priorities right now.  As part of my own experience of asking for feedback from colleagues, I’ve discovered just how easy it is (or not) for people to give feedback; to have those 360 discussions, and how easy it’s been for the HR and L&D teams to manage the 360 process.

Why is this important?  Well, I want to improve my own performance and leadership, but also I want others to see how easy it can be for us all to improve – by helping each other – so we can grow together.

So far, experience tells me that there are three key elements of the process that need to be easy and lead to better 360 discussions:better 360 discussions

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360 team development data: use my360plus for better team insight

We claim that the my360plus 360 team development data is better than the rest.  How outrageous!  How can we say that?

360 team development data: the challenge

We’ve all seen team reports created from 360 data – you know the ones – they say your team scores 2.8 on a 5 point scale on a particular behaviour. If you are lucky there will be some ‘norm data’ so you can see how you team ‘compares’.  The problem is that these reports average a bunch of statements around an individual team member’s behaviour. They then take a further average of all these averages to come up with the ‘team average score’.

All this averaging averages means that the really valuable information is lost.

We think this is a little bit like averaging all the notes in Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, so you come out with a single “daaaaaaaah”! Pretty meaningless.

my360plus team reports are very different, which means you get better business insights.

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