Executive 360
Our new generation, online 360 degree feedback is trusted by senior leaders to deliver results

Our Executive 360 has made development for busy senior leaders easy. It saves time and provides real development in a discreet and impactful way. Senior leaders at leading brands like Virgin, OCS, ITV, Easyjet and Whitbread are already benefiting from the approach.

Why use Executive 360 degree feedback?
An easy, powerful approach for developing and developing your senior leaders

Executive 360 is a business tool delivering results through people. To improve the quality of conversations and feedback by senior leaders and to shift the culture in your business, my360plus will help.

360 feedback can be used as a learning and development tool to improve the capabilities of individual leaders as well as a business tool to build a culture of learning and improvement.

Executive 360 feedback has created a positive experience that focuses leaders on developing their strengths. The my360plus approach has included personalised coaching by experts to ensure real value is gained from the approach. The automated prompting keeps development front of mind for the busy Executive as well as all the other features of the my360plus 360 feedback. It’s so easy.

How it works?
The approach places the leaders in charge of their own development

my360plus feedback and development works in a number of simple steps supported by latest technology and research

Watch this video to find out how it works:

The key simple steps:
  • Decide on the number of users.
    Pricing is low-cost and straightforward.
  • Start
    With just names and email addresses it’s simple to get started.
  • Log in and nominate colleagues
    This is supported with video guides to make it easy.
  • Keep track
    If you are running large programmes, you can view the whole process through our free portal
  • Reports, coaching tips and selection of development goals
    The online, personal reports are jargon free and easy to understand
  • Personal coaching sessions
    A number of 121 sessions ensures real change is achieved
  • 12 months of development activity
    Receive on-going feedback from your network to maximise the benefit