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The my360plus Development Focus

Development focus

Recommended development approach
The best strategy for performing to a high level is to develop a core of ‘Strengths’ over time. No one has all 12 Behaviours at ‘Strength’ level and most people have aspects of their skill set that are ‘Undeveloped’.

Eliminate any limitations
If you have limitations in any skill it implies this is having a negative impact on performance and you should take action to eliminate these irrespective of the core of strengths you are building.

Choose one behaviour to develop
It is best to focus on developing just one Behaviour. Look to develop a ‘developing strength’ into a full ‘strength’ or maybe a ‘strength’ into a ‘strategic strength’. Sometimes your role may mean you really need to develop a behaviour with an ‘adding value’ or even ‘undeveloped’ rating.

Work with others with complementary strengths
If you have areas where you are ‘undeveloped’ try to work with others who have strengths in these areas.

Do I need strengths in every Behaviour?
No. Nobody has strengths in all 12 areas. As you gain experience, you should build on core strengths you have.

Where should I start?
If you have any significant limiting Behaviour that is actually eroding value and reducing your performance at work, you should work to stop this first.


The Coaching Sections of the Reports

The coaching section describes what each Behaviour looks like at the level the respondent is operating at and gives specific guidance.

Use the menu on the right to view explanations and coaching comments for every Behaviour.

How are these comments structured?
The first part of each comment describes what is typically seen for that behaviour at the level at which you use it, as well as the likely impact on performance. The second part gives specific coaching you can use to develop this behaviour if appropriate.

How are the coaching comments created?
The comments have been created by experienced coaches who have observed and coached countless individuals as they develop their personal and business leadership.

Development Goals
Step 1

Select or change your development goal
In this section participants can select the development goal they wish to work on. Currently selected goals are highlighted in red.

To select or change a development goal, simply select it and click the ‘select development goal’ button.

  • The participant chooses a specific behaviour that they want to develop.
  • The definition of the behaviour is defined.
  • The participant’s objective is defined
  • The target date is defined


“Your current development goal is to develop concept formation, which is about making sense of information and in particular coming up with bigger ideas when creating soultions or solving problems. It involves seeing the ‘bigger picture’ when being creative or getting to the ‘root cause’ when solving problems.

Your objective for this behaviour is to encourage and enable others through actions, systems and processes to build this strength into a strategic strength.

You have chosen to work on this until 06/08/2018”

How often should I change goals?
You can change goals whenever you like, but we would recommend that you only do so after a period of time, when you really feel that you have made progress with your existing goal.

Step 2

Next, choose how long do you want to work on your development goal

You can choose the period of time over which you wish to work on you goal. This will be used to help schedule any reminders we send you and your network if you have shared your goal with them.

How long should I choose?
Give yourself enough time to practice the behaviours we suggest, but not so long that the goal slips your mind. Most people choose around 6 or 8 weeks.

How many goals should I select?
The my360plus system allows you to choose just one development goal at a time. This is the most effective way to build your profile, because it focuses conscious effort on that behaviour. Research shows that development is most effective if you share your goals with others.

Who will see what I have selected?
Your programme sponsor will be able to see your development goal so that Training Needs Analysis can be undertaken. In addition, if you have chosen to share your goal with your network, they will obviously be aware of what you are working on.

Selecting the Support Network

The participant selects supporters in their network who have agreed to support the participant on their development goal(s).

Thoughout the development period, the my360plus system sends them reminders which include specific things for them to look out for related to the chosen development goal.

This helps them give the participant specific and focused feedback.

If the participant doesn’t want them to continue receiving these periodic reminders, they simply click on the link next to their name.

Who should I share my development goal with?
You can share with any of your network who have chosen to give you ongoing support and feedback.

Why don’t I see my entire network listed?
We only list the people who have actively volunteered to give ongoing support when they completed their feedback survey.

What should I select?
You should try to stop any negative behaviours you exhibit, as these actually reduce performance. Otherwise you should build on strengths you already have, for example building a developing strength into a full strength, or a strength into a strategic strength.

Sometimes, the context in which you work may mean you have to work on an undeveloped behaviour. Remember it may be better to work with others who have this strength rather than try to develop a behaviour you are not inclined to exhibit.

What message will they receive?
This is a sample (for the ‘empathy’ behaviour) of the email the support network will receive:

Subject: Francis Field has shared a development goal with you

Body:     Hi Ben,

Thank you for giving Francis Field feedback recently. Francis has now received a full profile and coaching based on all the feedback from his network.
You kindly offered to give him some on-going support and so Francis has asked us to share his current development goal.
Francis has decided to work on developing the Empathy behaviour, which is about completely understanding what is in the other person’s head from their point of view – their true feelings, thoughts and ideas. It is the “receive” part in effective two-way communication.
Over the next few weeks, whenever you are working with Francis, it would be great if you could point out to him when he: 

Builds rapport with a client or team member by being really attentive • Encourages colleagues to be open and honest with each other 

Summarises someone else’s presentation demonstrating they have understood them 

Uses good open questions and listening to really understand someone else’s point of view These things add to Francis’s performance and your recognition and support will really help. Equally, it would really help him if you could also point out any occasions when he: 

Does not listen to someone’s point of view

Over talks or interrupts people when they are talking

These behaviours obviously erode performance, and it would be really helpful to Francis if you can point out when he does these things.
Give feedback however you feel most comfortable – Online, face to face, in an email or over the phone.
Remember Francis has chosen to share this goal with you and really does value your feedback and support.

Removing people from the support network

Why might I want to remove someone from my support network?
There could be several reasons. The most common is that the person concerned no longer interacts with the respondent regularly. They may well have asked to be removed from the list for this development goal.

Not everyone I shared my goal with now appears on the list. Why is that?
The support network can manage their own involvement as well.

If a respondent shared a goal with someone and they no longer appear on the list, most likely they have opted out of receiving ongoing feedback support emails.

Measuring Development Outcomes

The my360plus multi-rater tool measures behaviours against the evidence-base, supports development through:

  • Clear behavioural definitions
  • Clear reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Coaching tips
  • Customisable development goals

In addition, customers can use the my360plus retake service to measure impacts. The tool is available as a year-long licence for individuals’ – or teams’ – development. This means that the reports can be used as a ‘before’ (baseline) and ‘after’ (impacts) measure at low cost and to a consistent model.

Any development interventions can be assessed against the impacts of observed behaviours by observers.

My360plus is a way to measure behaviour, develop high-performance in individuals and teams; it provides continuous learning, and measures impacts of learning interventions.