my360plus: your career boost

my360plus for you builds high-performance, develops your leadership, grows your career and boosts your confidence.

Proven. Easy to use.  Effective.

Year-long subscription

  • Assessment: identify your leadership qualities
  • Report: your personal development plan
  • Coaching tips: geared to you, your goals and development needs
  • Development goals: involve your network and measure your progress

More than a one-off assessment, my360plus provides clear, jargon-free guidance, for leaders and managers at every level.

my360plus: systematic and evidence-based

The my360plus system highlights your talents and shows your gaps.  This means you get great feedback, constructive ideas and ways to take action and make fast progress.

Show your progress

Once you’ve got your report, then it’s time to prove your progress.  You can re-take the self-assessment with our half-price offer.  This means you’ll get a further 12-month subscription: plenty of extra time to grow your high-performance. This means you get clear evidence of success: great for performance reviews.   

Upgrade your experience

my360plus puts you in the driving seat, and  you can always upgrade your experience:

  • One-off coaching: navigate your results and fine-tune your action plan
  • Leadership coaching programme: for ambitious professional growth
  • Team 360plus: develop your direct reports and build the team

Upgrading your experience means that you’ll give your career an extra boost – in addition, you can grow the team and develop your leadership skills

How does the my360plus self-assessment work?

This video shows you how to complete your self-assessment so that you’re on the road to your career success. It also helps you take your first steps towards better leadership confidence, high-performance, teamwork and management.

Watch the short video to find out more.

Coaching from leadership experts

To find your way in the complex world of work and succeed in today’s competitive environment, sometimes you need a helping hand. Backed by the global experience of the Forton Groups coaching team, you’ll be sure your coach has – 

  • Real-life experience of leadership and management
  • Proper training and qualifications
  • International experience and track record

We offer one-to-one and team coaching for you, and managed coaching services for your organisation, so that everyone benefits.

To sum up: as well as developing yourself using the self-assessment, you can show your organisation how you’re growing your performance, as well as boosting your team’s success too.  Get started today!