my360plus Process

The my360plus Process & Outcomes

How it works: the basics

Our quick-start process means we configure the system for you. All we need to get started is a list of names and email addresses (and GDPR permissions).

Step 1             Supply us with the list (having agreed GDPR and other security details)

Step 2             Organisation sends a positioning email to delegates and observers*

Step 3             Launch emails are sent that begin the process

Step 4             Reports are sent to the participant, coach or sponsor as required

Step 5             The individual takes charge of their development

Step 1: set-up

  • You inform your candidates to expect a my360plus email, as part of their development
  • Upon GDPR agreement, and receipt of the candidates email address, we send an email to invite them to nominate observers.
  • Candidates are emailed with an initial link where they can nominate their network. They are also invited to complete their own self-score questionnaire.

Step 2: candidates choose (‘nominate’) their observers
Observers might be –

  • The candidate’s manager(s), peers and direct reports.
  • Ideally, a minimum of 3 or 4 peers and 3 or 5 direct reports.
  • There is no upper limit on the total, though we recommend no more than 15 across all 3 categories.
  • There is no additional charge for extra observers

Once this nomination is complete, each of the observers is sent a link where they can complete an online questionnaire giving feedback on the delegates ‘behaviour’ at work.

The questionnaire has 48 questions and takes 15 – 20 minutes to complete.

Step 3: keep the survey open
The survey will be open for a period of time to be agreed – we suggest 2 to 3 weeks, which allows for observers to be on holiday

During the survey period, observers will be prompted if they haven’t completed their return

Step 4: close the survey

  • At the end of the survey, the digital report is made available to view online or download as a PDF report.
  • We recommend that the coach introduces the participant to the report, rather than them seeing it first

Step 5: year-round development

Individual development goals

  • Over the following 12 months, the participant can select a development goal – one of the 12 leadership behaviours – and set a time frame (say 4 weeks).
  • There is no limit to how many times in the year the participant can use this facility, though we recommend working on no more than 6 behaviours in a year.

Feedback and Live Coaching

  • Feedback sessions should be delivered by people familiar with the high-performance behaviours and the my360plus See Training, below.
  • An initial feedback session could last between 1-2 hours. 1 hour for feedback, 2 hours to identify key ambitions and development goals.
  • We recommend one coaching session per month for six months, to embed the leadership behaviours.
Other Set-up Processes
  1. Communications: We recommend the project sponsor sends a note to ‘position’ the exercise and to ensure that the delegates are expecting the invitation emails from my360plus.
  2. All administration, feedback and reporting is done securely online. Just sit back while the fully automated my360plus system works.
  3. Automatic email reminders are sent throughout the process if needed. Progress reports are produced as required.
  4. Once all the feedback is competed – typically 3 weeks after launch – the data is processed
  5. There are two options for the next – Report – step.

Either – Delegates are emailed a link to view their report or to down load a PDF copy.

Alternatively –The coach or sponsor receives the report and controls the timing of the receipt of the report to the delegate.

  1. PDF copies are then also sent to the sponsor, together with any requested team reports.
  • As soon as we have delegate contact emails, and we have confirmation that the exercise has been positioned, we can launch the process.
  • Typically it takes 3 weeks from this point for delegates to nominate their observer network, complete their self-assessment; for their observers to give their feedback and for us to process the individual and team reports.
  • The individual will then drive their own development for one year.
  • Reports are available as required.
Support for programme managers, participants and observers
  • Video and technical support to participants and observers
  • Dashboard and technical support to programme managers
  • Clear, easy to understand feedback and reports

We offer three types of training – each one a blend of live learning and Elearning.

  1. To give feedback: in the high-performance behaviours and the my360plus tool
  2. For team leaders and managers: an introduction from one of our experts in high-performance behaviours
  3. For coaches and consultants: Mastery in Leadership Coaching: an accredited course in coaching against the high-performance behaviours.