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My360plus resources: to view videos, blogs, participant reports and downloads, scroll down this page.

Starting from scratch?

Here you can watch our ‘how to’ videos to help you discover my360plus for yourself, and, if you want to know more, it’s easy to book a my360plus demonstration, without obligation

    • Discover the easy set up and the solid evidence base
    • See how my360plus helps people have better conversations about development and performance.
    • Get a sample pdf report – and see the benefits of the online report view
    • Try it out for yourself

Already part of a my360plus project?

Watch our videos made especially for my360plus participants involved in giving or receiving feedback.

Video resources

Five ‘how to’ videos  – see below, or go to one of the following pages: 

Discover how to…

…get started with my360plus, take your self-assessment and give feedback to others – to support everyone’s growth. This means that, when you have your report, you can find your way around, set development goals, and continue to get feedback to ensure you hit your target. All videos are also available, with English, French, Italian and Spanish subtitles; follow the links, below.

Running a my360plus project? Watch these short ‘how to’ videos too.

Getting started with my360plus

A short ‘how-to’ guide to get you started with my360plus.  

This video covers: registering your details, finding your way around your dashboard; nominating your observers; getting help and technical support.

Click this link to watch this video with English, French, Italian and Spanish subtitles 

Giving my360plus feedback to others

How to give constructive feedback to others via the my360plus online system. 

Covering: how to log in; complete the my360plus questionnaire for others; provide free form comments; review and submit your response; provide ongoing feedback; get help and technical support.

Also available, with English, French, Italian and Spanish subtitles here

Your my360plus development goals

A short ‘how-to’ guide to help you set and achieve your high-performance development goals via the my360plus online system. 

Discover why it’s important to set development goals; where to focus your development; how to set goals in the my360plus system; get help and technical support.

Subtitled versions in English, French, Italian and Spanish are available here

Complete your my360plus self-assessment

Next, watch this video to help you complete your my360plus self-assessment.  You’ll discover the development mindset for your professional growth; saving and submitting your self-assessment; getting help and technical support.

This video is also available, with English, French, Italian and Spanish subtitles here


Navigate your my360plus report

Before you dive into your my360plus report, it’s important to understand how to use it for your personal, professional and career growth.  In this video, you’ll find out how to use your dashboard; navigate your report; plan your development; get help and technical support.

This video, with English, French, Italian and Spanish subtitles, is also available, here.


my360plus resources – articles

To find out more about the Schroder Model, download this article

More Videos

For more videos on leadership development, coaching and my360plus, see

my360plus youtube videosLeadership & Coaching videos

Video: the power of the Schroder model for high performance and leadership

my360plus resources – blog

Read more about how to – 

  • Boost your career
  • Develop your teams
  • Improve high performance
  • Get better leadership
  • Give better feedback

Getting your my360plus report is just the start of your development journey.  The year-long my360plus subscription means that every member of the team can grow and develop, give and receive helpful feedback and create a learning culture.

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