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Your my360plus resources, including training videos, blogs, the Schroder Framework, my360plus demonstration and a sample PDF feedback report.

The Schroder Framework behind my360plusThe Schroder High Performance Framework underpins my360plus

The Schroder Behavioural Framework (click on the image) is a proven model.  It describes the high-performance behaviours needed to thrive and survive in increasing change and complexity, so that organisations can be more successful and people more fulfilled. You’ll recognise many of them, in your own competency framework.  The behaviours labels can be edited, so these can be tailored to your titles.  Some of the text can also be changed: eg “customers” to “stakeholders”.

To find out more about the Schroder Framework, get in touch and we’re happy to help.

Free, no commitment, demonstrationmy360plus demonstration button

To find out more about my360plus, use this contact form to set up a 30 minute demonstration.


Take a look at our YouTube page to find out more, or if you want to review the process steps, watch these videos.

Sample PDF feedback Report

As well as the fully interactive on-screen reports, participants can download a PDF copy of their report formatted ready for printing. Our sample report shows what to expect, including an explanation of the tables, high-performance behaviours, and coaching tips, so your participants get the best out of our service.my360plus PDF Report


We regularly write about 360 feedback issues, improving participant and observer feedback, using the social feedback tool and other topics, on our blog page, so everyone can get the best out of my360plus.  If you’ve got a suggestion for a blog topic, do get in touch!