my360plus System

The my360plus System

my360plus: the unique multi-rater assessment tool

my360plus is used globally to identify leaders’ strengths, neutralise their weak spots and support and encourage them to identify development areas, using an easy, automated service. Its key unique points are:

  • It’s an evidence-based, effective model, based on the Schroder behaviours, ready to use globally, now.
  • Navigation is simple and responses are given using a sliding scale; this combines ease of use with accurate responses.
  • The service includes year-long access to get ongoing feedback from their observers. This enables people to manage their own development by focusing on a chosen development goal, sharing their goal with their chosen network who then rate them on that specific goal
  • My360plus is fully automated and online with development tips and comprehensive, easy to understand reports. This allows for rapid implementation and scalability.
  • Questions are carefully designed to ensure no prior knowledge of leadership ‘jargon’ required by observers.
  • Our database has 20,000 data points that allow us to benchmark leaders against expected performance levels.
  • People have a visual indicator of what to stop doing as well as where their strengths lie
  • Team and group reports are available, using the same simple visual illustration of the comparative scores
What are ‘Assessment’ and ‘Development Centres’?

At my360plus we run development centres to support the growth of internal leaders – for example, the talent pool – and assessment centres for recruitment purposes.

Both use the same Schroder competency framework. We create a simulation of an organisation, similar to their existing environment, but sufficiently different for them to have to think about their response and not use current knowledge.

They are put into a leadership role higher than their current one and are assessed as to how they behave there – by observing them doing a range of exercises. From these, we can observe their responses and assess the levels of their leadership behaviours.

What language options are possible?

The my360plus tool is available in English and Spanish. Where clients have a need to collect input from observers who do not have English at a sufficient level, we provide scripts in their local language (‘Local language Observer Sheets’). These translated versions are distributed by email, as needed.

Observers have these sheets to hand as they fill in the boxes on the automated system. Our experience of running this with organisations around the world is this is a very effective and cost-efficient alternative to large scale translations of the tool itself.

The reports will be in English. They are available on line and can be downloaded as a PDF. If report translation is required, we use accredited translation services and a quote per language will be provided. The online system itself can be translated too.

Who is my360plus suitable for?

My360plus is designed for team leaders, managers, talent management and senior leadership development, particularly people working in VUCA environments.

VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity.  There are currently four revolutions happening around the world– in IT, Energy, Manufacturing and Life Sciences. Whether you work in those sectors, or not, these revolutions are changing the world of work and leadership. It means that high-performance behaviours and leadership development need to focus around behaviours that support people and teams to deal with these factors.

Is this solution suited to technical/professional organisations?

My360plus is down to earth and pragmatic – which is why sectors such as Construction, Facilities Management, FinTech, IT,Lawyers, Transport & Logistics, and Utilities, like our approach.

  • Simple language
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Low admin
  • Easy for user
  • Great value…
What makes my360plus different to other online 360 feedback tools?

Proven, easy and objective – for organisations, participants and observers

  1. A well-researched link between the behaviours/competences in a the model and higher-performance in leaders and managers. This provides an objective, proven high-performance and leadership framework (Schroder model) for organisations.
  2. Easy to set up and manage; easy for the participants to understand the report.
  3. The questions are designed to make them simple for observers to give feedback without needing to understand what each particular behaviour means. This means that the feedback to the participants is as objective as is possible with a 360.

My360plus supports focused coaching, learning development and growth, because it provides a well-researched, proven framework against which development, feedback and coaching can happen.

The objectivity helps overcome resistance and cynicism by participants to receiving feedback.

Language Availability
  • My360plus is currently available, in its full version in English and Spanish.
  • Additionally, the assessment questions are available as ‘Local Language Observer Sheets’ in French. [The reports and online service are in English.]
  • Translation into other languages – either the full version, or the assessment questions – is available on request.
  • The phrasing of the questions remains objective and relevant across nationalities, generations and cultures.