So what do our clients think about my360plus?

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Recent Case Studies

Virgin Trains needed to both engage their employees around their “Screw Average, Create Amazing” brand and values as well as create a culture where positive conversations around people’s performance happened day to day. my360plus tailored the content to ensure the links were made to the Virgin Train values and are rolling out 360plus feedback across the business. It is already having an “amazing” impact!

ITV operates the largest number of commercial broadcast channels in the UK and sees outstanding leadership across its businesses as key to its success. It required a consistent approach to developing its senior teams across its network and tools that would fit with a number of existing and proposed programmes. my360plus worked with ITV to brand and tailor the tool so it could be used consistently with different senior teams. my360plus is now a key component in a number of leadership and executive development programmes as well as being available for individual leaders to use.

Shanks have a vision to be the most respected waste-to-product company and have embarked on a major cultural transformation programme to put people at the heart of their business. They are working with my360plus to create a culture of feedback and development beginning with the senior team as part of this transformation. The initial results have had a real impact and are changing the way leaders communicate and are open with each other.

Plan International is the oldest and largest child development charity in the world. In 2014 it worked with over 85,000 communities with its mission to achieve lasting improvements in the lives of children in developing countries. Its Regional Directors operate all over the world and Plan saw a need to support their development. my360plus provided development support even though people operate remotely and has given over 150 leaders the opportunity to develop their skills that make a difference to their work. They are in their third year of using the tool and many of the leaders can demonstrate significant personal development through using my360plus.