my360plus self-assessment

my360plus self-assessment: one year subscription. To discuss this product before you buy, contact our support team. On completion of your purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation and next steps.


my360plus self-assessment kit: what you get

You’ll receive a self-assessment, high-performance feedback, in addition to a micro-learning programme.

  • Access your self-assessment
  • See your online or pdf profiles
  • Review your development plan by using the report’s coaching tips

You’ll also get email support with video links during your year’s subscription, with next steps for example, to improve your high-performance behaviours.

All of which means that everything is included, with no hidden costs – a year’s subscription at less than a month’s gym membership!

half-price retake of your my360plus self-assessment

Because we think you’ll want to measure your progress, you’ll get a discount voucher in your welcome pack. For example, evidence for your annual appraisal or building your CV. Especially if you want that promotion!

how the it works

To discover how my360plus works, watch the videos in the resources section.

Check out our FAQs if you want to dive into the details about my360plus. We cover the typical questions people ask about feedback systems. That means you’ll find out more about my360plus: the unique four-in-one tool:

  1. Self-assessment
  2. Profiles
  3. Online and PDF reports
  4. Personal development plan

All in one annual subscription – with a half-price retake option.

Included in your development kit-

In addition to your my360plus self-assessment, you also get one year’s access to all of this –

  • Easy-to-understand report
  • Clear leadership and high-performance levels
  • Meaningful leadership behaviours
  • Practical development steps
  • Coaching tips
  • No hidden costs
  • Technical support

For you and your career –

Not only will you experience better relationships and high-performance at work, by using my360plus you can expect to –

  • Get feedback and take control of your development
  • Achieve your career goals more quickly
  • Plan your progress by using our micro-learning videos
  • Improve your team leadership: better results; better relationships
  • Understand what employers are looking for

Get insights from leadership and high-performance experts. This is especially valuable to help you grow your career.


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