Talent 360
Talent 360 makes spotting, developing and retaining your talented people easy without leaving anyone behind

Our new generation Talent 360 has taken talent management to another level and made the process easy. It not only provides helpful data to spot talent, even when its hidden, but also provides a real time view of development activity across your talent pool. HR and Talent Directors from leading brands like Virgin, OCS, HSS, Aldi and Shanks are already benefiting from the approach.

Why use Talent 360?
An easy, powerful approach to talent management and development

Talent 360 is a business tool delivering results through people. To improve the talent management process and to shift the culture in your business, my360plus will help.

360 feedback can be used as both a development and a talent management tool as so improve the capabilities of individuals as well as a business tool to spot, develop and retain your talented people.

Talent 360 is a positive approach that considers all your people have talents. Firstly, it drives individual development through new generation 360 degree feedback. Secondly, it uses the data to create an objective, benchmarked view of people’s potential. Thirdly, it uses technology in an easy way to provide the business with a real time view of people’s development so they can support it.

How it works?
The approach keeps your talented people in charge of their own development

Talent 360 works in a number of simple steps supported by latest technology and research

Watch this video to find out how it works:

The key simple steps:
  • Decide on the number of users.
    The low-cost and straightforward pricing make this easy.
  • Align to your language. (optional)
    my360plus has experts to help make this easy.
  • Start
    We just names and email addresses to make it easy.
  • Log in and nominating colleagues
    This is supported with video guides to make it easy.
  • Reports, coaching tips and selection of development goals
    The online, personal reports are jargon free to make understanding them easy
  • Generate a talent report
    Robust, clear, benchmarked data makes spotting those with real potential easy
  • Keep track and manage your talent pool
    You view the on-going process through our free portal that makes supporting development of your talent pool easy