Team 360plus
Get people working positively and effectively together

Our Team 360plus tool invigorates people learning together as a team by making it easy to do. Team 360plus provides a ‘heat map’ and practical insights that helps teams easily

  • Identify their collective strengths
  • Spot the gaps
  • Create solutions and solve problems together

Boards, senior management teams and functional teams in top companies like OCS, Virgin, Easyjet and Aldi already use Team 360 as part of their everyday work.

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Why use Team360?
An easy, insightful and team-based approach for developing and evaluating your teams

Use it to improve team effectiveness and to create a really collaborative culture in your business.

Team 360 feedback can be used in team development to improve the capabilities of individual team members as well as the team itself.

Great for small workgroups, departments or larger teams and sub-groups. Size or complexity don’t matter.

It’s a positive experience that focuses teams on developing their team strengths. The my360plus approach introduces continuous learning, practical coaching tips, social feedback.

You’ll receive a team report, a development dashboard all in easy to understand language. It’s so easy to use it runs itself.

How it works
Giving great feedback to colleagues at the heart of team development

Team 360 has a number of easy steps supported by latest technology and research

Watch this video to find out how it works:

The key simple steps:
  • Decide on the number of teams
    The low-cost and straightforward pricing make this easy.
  • Start
    We just need names and email addresses to make it easy.
  • Log in and nominating team members
    This is supported with video guides to make it easy.
  • Keep track
    You view the whole process through our free portal
  • Individual reports and coaching tips
    The online, personal reports are jargon free to make understanding them easy.
  • Team report with insights and development journey
    Maximising the team’s strengths to make working together easy.
  • 12 months of team development activity
    The automated nudges make remembering to give feedback easy.