Positive, effective, team working

We all know what poor team working looks like; often as a result of personal experience. Conflict as a result of poor communications; over-competitive behaviours; unhappy customers and stakeholders. Lack of trust and accountability means recruitment gets harder because word gets around; people leave due to bad feeling, which means costs go up and performance goes down too.

It’s time to make team building easy – without expensive programmes – just one simple tool that evaluates and develops your team members.

Our Team360plus tool helps people learn together as a team by making it easy. The report organises behaviours by strengths and clusters, and offers practical insights, which means that it helps teams easily –

  • Identify team strengths
  • Align with the team needs and priorities
  • Spot the gaps
  • Create solutions together

Boards, senior management teams and functional teams in top companies like OCS, Virgin, Easyjet and Aldi already use Team360plus everyday.

Why use Team360plus?

An easy, insightful approach for developing your teams.
Use it to improve team effectiveness, so that you improve collaboration as well as a learning culture in your organisation. By embracing the 360 degree feedback method, it means you can improve team performance and cut down on workplace silos too.

How does it work?

Your Team360plus feedback improves individual team members’ strengths as well as the team itself, due to the insights and tips provided by the report.. This means it’s great for small work-groups, departments or larger teams and sub-groups; size or complexity don’t matter.
We’ll set up your team members and then they get a year’s subscription to their own my360plus dashboard. As a result, they can use their personalised feedback to plan their individual development.
You then receive a team report, and an easy-to-understand dashboard, so that everyone’s on the same page.
If people are new to the high-performance behaviours, we offer tailored development opportunities – bite-sized learning; short courses as well as leadership masterclasses and management qualifications.

Create Culture change – quickly!

The Team360plus approach means you create a learning culture, with practical tips and ongoing social feedback. All in all, a positive experience that focuses teams on developing together.

How Team360plus gets results

Giving better feedback to colleagues is at the heart of team development. The easy steps in Team360plus are supported by the latest technology and research to enable teams and groups to succeed, together.
  • Create a learning culture
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Break down silo working
  • Improve employee engagement

Watch this video to find out how it works:


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